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Staying in Rhythm

UNINTERRUPTED x Hyperice, a high performance and wellness brand, partner to bring you Staying in Rhythm. This three-part series features top athletes and how they stay on top of their game. Professional golfer Tony Finau wins the PGA multiple times with his dedication to routine and recovery, BMX legend Nigel Sylvester teaches us about the art of BMX-ing and the grueling aspects of the sport, and Baseball star, Fernando Tatis Jr. shares how learning about the game from his father shaped his style of play.

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“You need those times for yourself where you just sit down, relax, breathe, and reconnect with yourself.”

Fernando Tatis Jr.


Tony Finau
2021-09-20 | 01:45

EP. 1Tony Finau

Hyperice x UNINTERRUPTED have a passion for telling authentic athlete stories. This is PGA Tour Golfer Tony Finau’s story.

Nigel Sylvester
2021-10-30 | 02:26

EP. 2Nigel Sylvester

UNINTERRUPTED and Hyperice have partnered up to launch Staying in Rhythm featuring Nigel Sylvester. The BMX legend shares how he recovers quickly to keep his body ready to turn his limitless ideas into action.

Fernando Tatis Jr.
2022-01-10 | 01:35

EP. 3Fernando Tatis Jr.

Baseball runs deep in San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis’ bloodline. In this episode the star baseball player talks about what baseball means to him and the importance of recovery.