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Brought to you by UNINTERRUPTED and Chase Bank, Kneading Dough is the success stories series that breaks down the business strategies and best practices for building a legacy. Athletes and influencers share their road to riches journey, while defining their meaning of empowerment and giving back. These stories aren't told from silver spoon fed mouths; it took vision, perseverance, and passion to triumph.

Talk Show

“You gotta have that drive. Ask questions. Don’t be tentative. Be precise. Have that playbook. It could open a lot of doors.”

Tim Hardaway Jr.
Episode 2

EP. 2

Episode 2

Sheryl Swoopes and Chanté Crutchfield unlock their relationship, setting up the foundation for a strong sisterhood bond.

Episode 1

EP. 1

Episode 1

Tim Hardaway Jr. and Rich Nortei saw the vision of their playbooks come to life in The Salty Donut.