Episode 7

Sincerely Yours

Trae Young

Atlanta Hawks’ rising star, Trae Young, pens an open letter to the haters, doubters, and naysayers. Even though all the NBA measurables weighed against his unconventional size, the budding superstar found a way to prove all the critics wrong. His message to all the underdogs is one of determination and self confidence. This uplifting message extends past the court to a fight for justice and equality against all odds.

“Dear underdogs, keep believing in yourself, even if no one else does. Drown out the noise from the haters.”

Trae Young

About the series

Sincerely Yours is an intimate segment where the athletes share their introspective thoughts on injustices that our society is faced with today. Instead of shying away from the hard conversations, these athletes are lending their voice in hopes of finding a solution. Using their platforms and influence, these stars are standing with humanity in times of unrest.