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Episode 1

Throwing Bones

This premiere episode of Throwing Bones is packed with trash talk, life lessons, and just some good old fashion fun. Host Draymond Green welcomes Hall of Famer Gary Payton, platinum selling artist YG, and WNBA All-Star Chiney Ogwumike to the table for a few games of dominoes aka bones over a great discussion. Talks of competition in rap, trash talking in the NBA, and some hard lessons are had over the slamming of the dominoes. Step into the room and experience this show, but make sure you have the thick skin for it.

“Every culture plays dominoes, but here we call it bones."

Draymond Green

About the series

Throwing Bones is an ode to the impact the game of dominoes has had across the globe. Hosted by NBA Champion Draymond Green, pro-athletes, entertainers, and tastemakers show up as their unapologetic selves to compete in this historic game -- all while unfiltered discussions cover gripping topics. Viewers will be taken on a journey that explores the cultural touchstones of the game and the pros who played it. This is a celebration of community in a friendly yet fiery spirit.

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Throwing Bones
2022-01-13 | 30:18

EP. 2Throwing Bones

NBA Champion and host Draymond Green invites fellow Bay Area legends, Too Short and Chelsea Gray to a hometown game of dominoes.