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Season 2   Episode 4

Throwing Bones

On this episode of Throwing Bones, Draymond Green tries to run the table as Ryan Garcia, Ben Baller, and Cuttino Mobley join him in a conversion on the art of talking sh*t, top 5 boxers of all time, and east coast vs west coast rap. The haters always got something to say, but these three guests shut the naysayers up every time with their skillset.

 “You do something amazing, they look on what you didn’t do –you walk on water, they say you can't swim. There’s always going to be something that they got to say.”

Ryan Garcia

About the series

Throwing Bones is an ode to the impact the game of dominoes has had across the globe. Hosted by NBA Champion Draymond Green, pro-athletes, entertainers, and tastemakers show up as their unapologetic selves to compete in this historic game -- all while unfiltered discussions cover gripping topics. Viewers will be taken on a journey that explores the cultural touchstones of the game and the pros who played it. This is a celebration of community in a friendly yet fiery spirit.