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Episode 2

Throwing Bones

NBA Champion and host Draymond Green invites legendary west coast rapper Too Short and WNBA Champion Chelsea Gray to a Bay Area rivalry game of dominoes. Too Short speaks on being famous in Oakland (aka “The Town”) and still riding the bus, Chelsea Gray gives her double-edged take on the NIL impact in college sports, and Draymond Green steers the conversation while attempting to hold court on the table.

“I was famous and I was still riding the bus.”

Too $hort

About the series

Throwing Bones is an ode to the impact the game of dominoes has had across the globe. Hosted by NBA Champion Draymond Green, pro-athletes, entertainers, and tastemakers show up as their unapologetic selves to compete in this historic game -- all while unfiltered discussions cover gripping topics. Viewers will be taken on a journey that explores the cultural touchstones of the game and the pros who played it. This is a celebration of community in a friendly yet fiery spirit.