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Season 4 Episode 5

The Shop: Uninterrupted

Tennis champion Naomi Osaka, actor-comedian Wanda Sykes, NBA All-Star, Kevin Love, and legendary hip-hop artist, Jadakiss, join this episode of The Shop to speak on the pressures of celebrity status and dealing with social media scrutiny. The cast trades stories of performing under pressure and the changing tides of fan love. Kevin Love speaks on his distaste for Jerry West’s comments, Jadakiss and Osaka speak on the importance of embracing the next generation, and Wanda Sykes mentions showing LGBTQ+ love to inspire other couples.

"My identity was so tied up in one thing, which happened to be basketball, that it really hurt me. Sh*t, it gave me grey hair."

Kevin Love

About the series

The Shop: Uninterrupted is an unfiltered discussion featuring some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. Brought to you by LeBron James and Maverick Carter, this unique barbershop experience sets the stage for a spirited panel. Topics surrounding sports, music, world events, business, and other cultural moments are explored from these unique celebrity perspectives.

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