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The Grind
Season 3   Episode 3

Elite Youth

The Grind

A mental battle takes hold and the world's top players try to remain focused as they make one last push to be crowned Peach Jam Champion. The EYBL narrows down the best of the best to the top 24 teams as they get ready to play single elimination basketball. This is the player’s last chance to solidify their place at the next level. It’s time to take advantage of every opportunity.

"When you got the best of the best, then now you see the cream of the crop that's going to rise.”

Carmelo Anthony

About the series

Season 3 of Elite Youth follows the country’s top high school basketball players through the 2021 Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL), revealing the trials and tribulations of high school life, high-stakes college recruitment and basketball stardom, all before the age of 18. After a year off due to the pandemic, the EYBL returns bigger than ever.


Peach Jam

EP. 4

Peach Jam

An unranked player gets a chance to prove himself, and a revenge game is set. The road to the championship doesn't get any easier.