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That Olympic Mentality
Episode 3

Golden Episode 3

That Olympic Mentality

The gymnasts prepare for the National Team Camp as the selection committee monitors them closely, watching for any mistakes that could end these athletes' chance at the Olympic roster. The pressure could make or break a person. The level of commitment required of these young women can often leave them searching for their true identity outside of the Olympic expectation. It will take a perfect execution to make the cut, and even that might not be enough.

“When you step in the gym there is discipline and there is structure every single moment.”

Marta Karoly

About the series

Only four elite gymnasts will secure a spot on the coveted U.S. Women's Olympic Gymnastics team. A lifetime of pressure, hard work, and sacrifice reach a climax as these world class athletes vie for a chance to make their lifelong dreams come true. While chasing the ultimate, these women fight off scandals, cultural changes, and mental health in pursuit of national recognition. So many hopefuls compete in an all-or-nothing chance at perfection.


Do It For Yourself

EP. 4

Do It For Yourself

As the gymnasts set their eyes on the next big competition, they are faced with some real life issues reminding them they are not the only ones making sacrifices to put them in this position.