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Golden Episode 2

She's Gonna be Somebody

With the national meet a week away, the gymnasts prepare to compete for the first time in a year. The Winter Cup is a chance to collect some competitive experience, but this is not the only obstacle on their mind. Each gymnast is fighting a different battle behind the scenes to overcome fears they hide when the lights are on. This is when the right coach and the right environment proves critical to their success.

“As much as I want to enjoy the comeback and I want to have a great time, the fear of disappointment still is a high stake.”

Laurie Hernandez

About the series

Only four elite gymnasts will secure a spot on the coveted U.S. Women's Olympic Gymnastics team. A lifetime of pressure, hard work, and sacrifice reach a climax as these world class athletes vie for a chance to make their lifelong dreams come true. While chasing the ultimate, these women fight off scandals, cultural changes, and mental health in pursuit of national recognition. So many hopefuls compete in an all-or-nothing chance at perfection.

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