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Episode 5

Jalen Rose

Respect Your OG's with Enes Kanter

When Enes Kanter thinks of an OG he thinks of Jalen Rose, someone who inspires to be multi-skilled in life with the ability to adapt roles to whatever the situation calls for, both on or off the court. Jalen is always using his platform to empower. Whether it is to speak about injustices, highlighting others doing important work, or opening his own school, Jalen is always setting an example. This led to Kanter opening a school of his own.

“When I think of an OG who had impact on the court just as much as he does off the court, I think of Jalen Rose.”

Enes Kanter

About the series

Respect Your OG’s is a segment where current NBA players pay homage to their NBA heroes, sharing stories of their favorite past legends who paid it forward for a good cause and how it inspired them to build their own legacy off the court. These athletes are using their platforms to raise awareness and challenge social injustices. Like each player has their own skillset on the court, they each have their own mission to give back.


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