Top Class: Season 2

No Excuses

One year after COVID cut their season short, the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers return to school. As they prepare for their third consecutive championship run, the Trailblazers face challenges on and off the court. The team looks different having lost some key players, but UCLA commit Amari Bailey still anchors the roster with Shy Odom and Bronny James expecting a big year. Can Head Coach Andre Chevalier find chemistry with a new batch of players and finish what they started?

About the series

UNINTERRUPTED'S Top Class follows the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers as they aim for their 3rd straight state championship. Boasting one of the highest profile classes in high school basketball history, this team full of NBA potential balances the scrutiny of talent and celebrity. Sold out arenas, courtside celebrities, and NBA lineage, is a norm for this prestigious powerhouse. Highschool basketball doesn’t get more Hollywood than this.

More Episodes

One-Strike World
2021-12-17 | 29:12

EP. 2One-Strike World

Even though star player Amari Bailey continues to dominate on the court, tensions arise with the newfound burden of leadership.

The Void
2021-12-17 | 36:33

EP. 3The Void

The Sierra Canyon Trailblazers attempt to stay undefeated as they begin a stretch of tough games.

Apparently Not
2021-12-17 | 30:07

EP. 4Apparently Not

New faces step up to help the Trailblazers keep their winning streak alive as playoffs are in sight.

2021-12-17 | 35:29

EP. 5Wargames

The Trailblazers get some key players back just in time for playoffs as the level of competition rises.

2021-12-17 | 34:22

EP. 6Legacy

The Sierra Canyon Trailblazers battle a familiar foe for their last chance at a championship title.