Season 2   Episode 6

Top Class: Season 2


After the section championships, Sierra Canyon turns their eyes to the California state tournament. A star-studded crowd watches as the Trailblazers face a familiar foe with everything on the line. All the growth and hard lessons are put to the test for one last uphill battle. This is the moment the Trailblazers have been preparing for all year, another championship is within reach.

About the series

UNINTERRUPTED'S Top Class follows the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers as they aim for their 3rd straight state championship. Boasting one of the highest profile classes in high school basketball history, this team full of NBA potential balances the scrutiny of talent and celebrity. Sold out arenas, courtside celebrities, and NBA lineage, is a norm for this prestigious powerhouse. Highschool basketball doesn’t get more Hollywood than this.