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Season 1   Episode 6

Who's Interviewing Who?

Keeping Your Mentals Right

Rapper G-Herbo, former NBA player Larry Sanders, and current NBA player Kevin Love have a sit down about the importance and value of taking care of your mental health. They discuss how society views mental health, what they are doing to improve their own mindset, and tips for how to overcome your own mental obstacles in an all-new episode of Who's Interviewing Who?

"We're seen to be these gladiators, we're seen to be these warriors... but that's not true you know, we're human."

Larry Sanders

About the series

Who’s Interviewing Who passes the mic to the athletes as they host an open discussion about their careers, personal journeys, and world events. As the athletes exchange origin stories and battles with strife, the audience gets a glimpse at the level of focus it takes to achieve at the professional level.


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