watch / STRAIGHT OFF THE PRESS WITH JALEN RAMSEY/ Jalen Ramsey Decompresses with Philly "BarberKing" Garcia
Episode 10

Straight Off The Press With Jalen Ramsey

Baker Mayfield was on the Rams for all of 2 days, and Thursday Night he led an epic 97 yard game-winning drive. On this episode of Straight Off The Press, Jalen Ramsey welcomes his friend and barber, Philly Garcia, to a conversation about applying the sports mentality to real life, balancing work and family, and praising God. This may not be the Rams year, but Ramsey is taking the good with the bad, and learning to decompress from the game.

“Lately, I have let football control my life. And thats not a good thing. This season has taught me probably more about myself than any other season.

Jalen Ramsey

About the series

Jalen Ramsey has a new post-game routine. Straight Off The Press sits the Pro Bowl Cornerback down with close friends as he looks back on the week’s matchup. Whether it's straight from the Ram’s home at Sofi Stadium, or away on the road, Ramsey is giving you his first impressions first.