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Season 2   Episode 2


How To Speak With Power with Jay Williams

Jay Williams coins the phrase, “athlete privilege,” on this episode of HOW TOO. The Duke Blue Devil legend, learns from his experiences to teach you how to conduct an interview and how to be a passionate entrepreneur. If you don’t know what you're talking about, Jay ain’t doing business with ya. Let a professional show you how you do t.v. Check the episode out.

“If you feel something, go ahead and ask it. But remember – how you ask something could be the difference between a good interview and a bad one."

Jay Williams

About the series

Ever wanted to know how to land a music industry internship? How to chef up some salmon on the fly? The “How Too” series lets athletes share their whole highlight reel, not just what takes place on the court, sharing how they are More Than An Athlete. It’s a peek and tutorial on their everyday greatness and you’re invited.