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Season 1   Episode 6


How To Get The Jump On 'Em with Micah Johnson

On this episode of ‘How Too’ former MLB pro Micah Johnson shares some stories that give us insight to his journey from baseball to art. The expert base runner teaches us some base stealing secrets, how to build a blank canvas, and how to start a NFT collection. Check out this episode to learn how Micah went from paint and sips to selling art.

“Base running will always be important to get into scoring position. That’s how I made my career”

Micah Johnson

About the series

Ever wanted to know how to land a music industry internship? How to chef up some salmon on the fly? The “How Too” series lets athletes share their whole highlight reel, not just what takes place on the court, sharing how they are More Than An Athlete. It’s a peek and tutorial on their everyday greatness and you’re invited.