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For Real, For Real

Sierra Canyon is one of the country’s most prestigious and accomplished prep schools. The only mission at SC is win. When you are a program filled with household celebrity names every team only brings their best. The team takes an international trip to China to better relate to their foreign teammate. And team captain Amari Bailey struggles to find his leadership style. Playing at this elite high school is like something out of a movie.

“We wanted to try to win a national championship, the only way we were gonna be able to do that was to play a national schedule.”

Coach Dre

About the series

UNINTERRUPTED'S Top Class follows the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers as they aim for their 3rd straight state championship. Boasting one of the highest profile classes in high school basketball history, this team full of NBA potential balances the scrutiny of talent and celebrity. Sold out arenas, courtside celebrities, and NBA lineage, is a norm for this prestigious powerhouse. Highschool basketball doesn’t get more Hollywood than this.

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Super Powers
2021-02-26 | 21:16

EP. 2Super Powers

There is no comparing the level of scrutiny Sierra Canyon faced as a highschool basketball team. Already privileged with college or even pro level access, these teens push to create their own legacies.

Sleep n' Hoop
2021-02-26 | 21:45

EP. 3Sleep n' Hoop

With Zaire Wade returning from injury and Ziarie Williams finally getting a chance to play after an eligibility period, the Sierra Canyon championship legacy is put to the test as the team struggles to find chemistry.

To Be Or Not To Be
2021-02-26 | 20:47

EP. 4To Be Or Not To Be

The unimaginable death of Kobe Bryant shocked the sports world, but it hit the team a little differently as some members had a personal relationship with him and called the NBA legend uncle.