Season 5   Episode 1



Getting your finances in order can be a daunting task. You'll need a plan. You'll need a playbook. Kneading Dough by Uninterrupted and Chase is here to help. On this episode, Mavs Star Tim Hardaway Jr. and his business partner Rich Nortei detail the lessons they learned about money growing up and detail the financial playbook they put together to get their dough in the right place. The big three? Trust your resources, be passionate, and keep it locked in. That's the base of a great playbook.

“The financial playbook is so essential. It’s kinda like a business plan. You never go in blind.”

Rich Nortei 

About the series

Brought to you by UNINTERRUPTED and Chase Bank, Kneading Dough is the success stories series that breaks down the business strategies and best practices for building a legacy. Athletes and influencers share their road to riches journey, while defining their meaning of empowerment and giving back. These stories aren't told from silver spoon fed mouths; it took vision, perseverance, and passion to triumph.


Episode 2

EP. 2

Episode 2

Sheryl Swoopes and Chanté Crutchfield unlock their relationship, setting up the foundation for a strong sisterhood bond.