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Who's Interviewing Who?

Become the Superhero You Needed Growing Up

Decorated Asian American athletes, Michelle Kwan and Apolo Ohno, and actor-comedian Sherry Cola, speak on the issues affecting the Asian American and Pacific Islanders community. As they share their personal stories dealing with prejudice, they touch on a new generation lifestyle compared to their traditional asian parents. The AAPI community is often overlooked when it comes to social injustices, but this cast is here to raise awareness and spark a conversation.

"Wow, we really need to open up more conversations about this."

Kristi Yamaguchi

About the series

Who’s Interviewing Who passes the mic to the athletes as they host an open discussion about their careers, personal journeys, and world events. As the athletes exchange origin stories and battles with strife, the audience gets a glimpse at the level of focus it takes to achieve at the professional level.

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Disproportionate Rulings In Sport
2021-10-07 | 18:46

EP. 3Disproportionate Rulings In Sport

Gwen Berry, Brianna McNeal, and Maritza Correia McClendon discuss moments of excessive punishment, and the lack of black representation in leadership roles.

Sports Rehab & Recovery with Spencer Dinwiddie
2021-10-14 | 14:00

EP. 4Sports Rehab & Recovery with Spencer Dinwiddie

In this episode, Spencer Dinwiddie sits down with top neuromuscular therapist Barrence Baytos and physical therapist Fabrice Gautier to talk through the key components that lead to successful athlete rehab and recovery.

Understanding Our Culture through Sports & Music
2021-10-21 | 15:24

EP. 5Understanding Our Culture through Sports & Music

Seniesa Estrada, Janelly Farías, and Cuco, sit down to talk about their individual experiences growing up as Mexican-Americans.