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Michael Strahan

A Dream Realized

Michael Strahan had to re-acclimate to living in the states after living in Germany for much of his youth. Not having much of a social life, Strahan’s father sent him back to Houston to live with his uncle and learn to play football in pursuit of a football scholarship. A chance visit to Texas Southern University offered the future hall of famer an HBCU education and an opportunity to play college football.

“My life was school and I played football.”

Michael Strahan

About the series

Hall of Famer, Michael Strahan, highlights this season of More Than An Athlete in a four-part installment diving into his journey from a childhood in Germany to playing in the NFL and now a media personality. Archival footage offers an intimate view of Strahan’s NFL career, his intense work schedule, constant travel, his aptitude to stay authentic and his ever evolving ability to balance his personal life while taking on so many business endeavors.

More Episodes

2021-09-23 | 37:53

EP. 3Giant

Strahan faces new challenges both on and off the field on his conquest to becoming a Superbowl champion.

Second Career
2021-09-30 | 35:14

EP. 4Second Career

After Strahan retired he branched out beyond sports, turning to a career as a media personality, and entrepreneur.