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Christen Press

3 Moments That Shaped Christen Press

U.S. Soccer star Christen Press talks about her new daily habits that keep her present and grounded. Dealing with the pressures of big goals and high expectations, Christen had to find a way to play the game with love again. A detour to the national team opened her up to the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Christen goes on to share realizations of value in women's soccer and the importance of equal pay. This is the root of her gender neutral fashion company.

“It was through my spiritual practice that I actually started to love what I do again.”

Christen Press

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In The Moment invites today’s top athletes to sit with Cari Champion and share cherished mementos that symbolize their journeys. These relics serve as markers for triumphant victories reminding the athletes of the obstacles they had to overcome on their way to success. As the guests open up to Cari about how they have navigated their careers up to this point they share a backstory for each item and the importance behind them.

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