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DeAndre Hopkins

3 Moments That Made DeAndre Hopkins

Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins shares 3 mementos that give an idea of who he is personally and professionally. Hopkins tells a story about a dream he had catching a football while wearing a Cardinals jersey before he was actually traded. Hopkins also shares the reason behind wearing number 10. Hopkins is arguably the best wide receiver in the league but scoring touchdowns isn't his only talent. The star is also a fashion icon and shares a vintage piece he purchased from the archives of Maison Margiela on this episode.

“While I was still in Houston on the team, I had a dream that I was playing for the Cardinals.”

DeAndre Hopkins

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In The Moment invites today’s top athletes to sit with Cari Champion and share cherished mementos that symbolize their journeys. These relics serve as markers for triumphant victories reminding the athletes of the obstacles they had to overcome on their way to success. As the guests open up to Cari about how they have navigated their careers up to this point they share a backstory for each item and the importance behind them.

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