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Draft Diaries: Marshon Lattimore
Ohio State cornerback Marshon Lattimore, awarded first team All-Big Ten by coaches in ‘16, enters the NFL draft as a top ranked player.
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Draft Diaries: Marshon Lattimore | Ep. 4
With his hopes high and his family by his side, Marshon Lattimore heads to the night that will determine his future—the 2017 NFL Draft.
Draft Diaries: Marshon Lattimore | Ep. 3
Through his 2017 Pro Day performance, Marshon Lattimore sets the record straight and demonstrates why the Ohio State CB is ready for the NFL Draft.
Draft Diaries: Marshon Lattimore | Ep. 2
As the top projected cornerback in the 2017 draft class, all eyes were on Lattimore as he lined up to run his 40, including his parents who anxiously watched nearby.
Draft Diaries: Marshon Lattimore | Ep. 1
Slowed by injuries in undergrad, the former Ohio State cornerback is ready to prove his elite rating at the 2017 NFL Combine.
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