FeatJason Kipnis, Jose Bautista & Hunter Pence
Every pitch counts on the journey to being named World Series Champions.
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Kipnis: World Series, Game 7
An absolutely amazing series ends with the Indians falling just short of being champions.
Kipnis: World Series, Game 6
The stage is set for a historic Game 7 in Cleveland.
Kipnis: World Series, Game 4 & 5
Jason Kipnis is living the dream after helping lead the Indians to a 3-2 World Series lead.
Kipnis: World Series, Game 2
We've got a series now! It's all knotted up at 1 as the series shifts to Chi-Town.
Kipnis: World Series, Game 1
The World Series officially kicked off in Cleveland and the Indians celebrated by taking Game 1.
Bautista: ALCS, Game 5
The Blue Jays' successful 2016 season ends just shy of the World Series.
Kipnis: ALCS, Game 5
It's time to celebrate! The Cleveland Indians are headed back to the World Series!
Bautista: ALCS, Game 4
The Blue Jays live to play another game as they avoid a sweep vs. the Indians.
Kipnis: ALCS, Game 4
The Indians don't want to give the Blue Jays any semblance of momentum after dropping Game 4 in Toronto.
Kipnis: ALCS, Game 3
The Cleveland Indians are one win away from playing in the World Series.
Bautista: ALCS, Game 3
Canada's team has to climb out of a big 0-3 hole if they want to make it to the World Series.
Kipnis: ALCS, Game 2
The Indians took care of business in Cleveland and are now headed north of the border for Games 3 and 4.
Pence: Divisional Series, Game 4
After a heartbreaking loss in Game 4 to the Cubs, the Giants immediately begin to look forward to the 2017 season.
Kipnis: Divisonal Series, Game 3
As the Indians move on to the ALCS, it's time to pay respect to the great David Ortiz.
Pence: Divisional Series, Game 3
The Giants keep their season alive after a walk-off win in the 13th inning.
Pence: Divisional Series, Game 2
The Giants head back to San Francisco with their backs against the wall down 0-2.
Pence: Divisional Series, Game 1
The Giants barely lose in Game 1 vs. the Cubs but are determined to bounce back in Game 2.
Kipnis: Divisional Series, Game 2 - Part 2
The Tribe take a commanding 2-0 series lead over the Red Sox as the series shifts to Boston.
Kipnis: Divisional Series, Game 2 - Part 1
The Indians get some support from The King and the Cavs.
Kipnis: Divisional Series, Game 1
Behind-the-scenes as Jason Kipnis journeys through the playoffs with the Indians.
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