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Draft Diaries: Jabrill Peppers
Versatile Michigan linebacker/defensive back Jabrill Peppers, a Heisman finalist and consensus All-American prepares for the 2017 NFL Draft.
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Draft Diaries: Jabrill Peppers | Ep. 4
With faith, family and football in his life, Jabrill Peppers prepares for his new journey as a professional football player with the Cleveland Browns.
Draft Diaries: Jabrill Peppers | Ep. 3
With all eyes on Jabrill Peppers, he is determined to prove why he deserves to get into the NFL, while eliminating any doubt that his potential coaches may have during Michigan’s Pro Day.
Draft Diaries: Jabrill Peppers | Ep. 2
The NFL Combine is the biggest job interview of a football player’s life and for Jabrill Peppers, it’s a chance to showcase the talent and athleticism that took college football by storm in 2016.
Draft Diaries: Jabrill Peppers | Ep. 1
Perhaps the most polarizing prospect in this year’s draft class, the former Heisman finalist aims to put on a show at the next level.
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