FeatCC Sabathia & Ryan Ruocco

CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees and co-host, Ryan Ruocco, welcome athlete and celebrity guests to the plate for wide-ranging conversations.

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Episode 28


R2C2 x HOLDAT Crossover with Carlos Boozer & Nate Robinson


R2C2 and HOLDAT are UNINTERRUPTED as CC and Ryan are joined by Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson for PART 1 of this joint podcast episode. The guys talk Robinson Canó's return, Carlos's experiences signing as a free agent, Nate's favorite teams he's played for and hardest dunks he's done and so much more. This is only Part 1, so head over to UNINTERRUPTED's new athlete podcast channel, We Run This Station (WRTS) for Part 2 on Booze & Nate's podcast, Holdat, for more stories and laughs.


Episode 27


Catching Up with CC & Ryan


R2C2 is UNINTERRUPTED as CC & Ryan are back together in studio. The guys talk about CC's star-studded vow renewal, the top 5 hardest-hitters he's ever pitched against, their favorite broadcasters and who they would want as back-up in a brawl.


Episode 26


Sue Bird


R2C2 is UNINTERRUPTED as CC & Ryan are joined by their good friend and WNBA legend, Sue Bird. The trio talk all things from Sue's amazing performance in the 2018 Finals, athlete fashion, magazine covers, retirements and farewell tours. Enjoy!


Episode 25


Charles Oakley


R2C2 is UNINTERRUPTED as CC & Ryan are joined by NBA legend, Charles Oakley. Before they sit down with Oak, CC tells us about his big news of signing his final 1-year deal with the Yankees and what he's looking forward to most in his final MLB season Then, the guys and Oak dive into all things from stories about MJ's 40th birthday, to Oak's love of cooking and how the game of basketball has changed from back in the day. You do not want to miss this!


Episode 24


Jeff Van Gundy


R2C2 is UNINTERRUPTED as CC & Ryan sit down with the one & only, Jeff Van Gundy. The guys discuss everything from Rick Pitino in the NBA, KD's possible move to the Knicks and MJ's heyday with the Bulls. Lots of stories, laughs and memories shared. Don't miss it!


Episode 23


Season Recap!


R2C2 is UNINTERRUPTED as CC & Ryan sit down to recap the wild 2018 season. From the Yankees' playoff performance to the HBP that cost CC $500,000 and the whole Tampa situation, the guys cover it all. Don't miss it!


Episode 22


Andrew McCutchen


R2C2 is UNINTERRUPTED as CC & Ryan sit down with fellow Yankee and 5x All-Star, Andrew McCutchen. The guys ask Cutch how he's been adjusting to New York and the about adrenaline he gets going into Wild Card games. They also talk about his mom singing the National Anthem, what it was like being a 3-sport athlete in HS and the story behind his proposal to his wife. All this and more on R2C2!


Episode 21


Giancarlo Stanton


R2C2 is UNINTERRUPTED as CC & Ryan welcome 4x All-Star Giancarlo Stanton to the show. The guys discuss the obstacles he faced when he first joined the Yankees, his pre-game prep and what he loves about playing in NYC. Then, you might be familiar with some of the guys he played high school football against. Was there a potential NFL career for G? Plus, workouts, hanging with celebs & more! Don't miss it.


Episode 20


Reggie Jackson


R2C2 is UNINTERRUPTED as CC & Ryan sit down with HOF-er Reggie Jackson a.k.a. Mr. October. The guys talk about the unique friendship that CC & Reggie have, exchange some legendary stories and of course, we find out how he got the nickname 'Mr. October'.


Episode 19


Luke Voit


R2C2 is UNINTERRUPTED as CC & Ryan welcome Yankees' hot bat, Luke Voit to the show. The guys talk about the status of their favorite NFL teams, work out routines, music and of course, the Yankees heading into the playoffs. Luke tells us what it was like playing for his hometown of St. Louis and recalls the moment he found out he got traded to the Yankees. You don't want to miss this one!