Joe Thomas & Andrew Hawkins
The ThomaHawk Show
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A weekly podcast hosted by NFL veterans and former teammates, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins. With a combined 10 Pro Bowl selections (Joe not Hawk) and a couple of obscure movie cameos (Hawk not Joe), this is your one-stop shop for NFL insights, pop culture takes and a touch of bromance.
Joe Thomas & Andrew Hawkins
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Trey Flowers, Ed Orgeron and 1,000 Pairs of Gloves
On this episode of The ThomaHawk Show, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins have some explaining to do on one of our favorite segments, Explain Joe Self (6:30)! They talk glove obsessions, Joe’s beautiful pedicure and Ed Orgeron’s incredibly deep voice. Plus, Joe has all the answers to the NFL officiating crisis (34:19). All this and much more on another exciting episode of The ThomaHawk Show!ThomaFlawk -- keep your calendars clear on November 13th for the first ever ThomaHawk Live Show! Get your tickets here: https://bit.ly/33lgqbo |yolked.com; Promo Code: JOE20
#89. Week 6 Recap: Mina Kimes on Baker's Accuracy, Russell Wilson for MVP and joining The ThomaFlawk Catchphrase Game | ThomaHawk
On this episode of The ThomaHawk Show, ESPN’s legendary Mina Kimes joins Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins to break down the Seahawks win over the Browns, and yes, Mina will be participating in this week’s edition of the ThomaHawk Catchphrase Game (7:54)! Plus, a QB-heavy edition of Am I Trippin'? (27:16), and the guys play a cut-throat round of Run Pass Option (43:56). Listen for all this and more on The ThomaHawk Show.ThomaFlawk -- keep your calendars clear on November 13th for the first ever ThomaHawk Live Show! Get your tickets here: https://bit.ly/33lgqbo |MyBookie: http://bit.ly/MYBThomaHawk (PROMO CODE: DOUBLECOVER)
#88. Cam Jordan and Cleveland Gets Rocked | ThomaHawk
On this episode of The ThomaHawk Show, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins break down the Browns big Monday Night L, HandshakeGate and Nick Bosa’s flag plant on Baker Mayfield (5:30). Wednesdays Are For the Players on The ThomaHawk Show, so New Orleans Saints Cam Jordan drops in to talk Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater and Carl Granderson’s worm dance (30:25). The guys also announce this week’s NBA2K Giveaway winner (49:00) and the upcoming THOMAHAWK LIVE SHOW (49:59)! All this and more on the ThomaHawk Show!
#87. Week 5 Recap: Top 5 QBs, Kirk Cousins Redemption, Golf Carts, Catch Phrases and special guest TNF's Colleen Wolfe | The ThomaHawk Show
On this episode of the ThomaHawk Show, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins play Run Pass Option (7:54), weighing in on Kirk Cousins redemption, Jason Garrett's flag spike, unused golf carts and Dan Quinn's job security. Then, the guys discuss Teddy Bridgewater, Joe's Coaching Clinic and Vontaze Burfict in "Am I Trippin'?" (24:54). NFL Network's Colleen Wolfe drops in (38:50) to discuss sharing the TNF desk with Joe, Eagles football and the ThomaHawk Catch Phrase of the Week! Listen for all this and more on the ThomaHawk Show.airmedcarenetwork.com/thomahawkMyBookie: http://bit.ly/MYBThomaHawk (PROMO CODE: DOUBLECOVER)
#86. David Bakhtiari on NFL Top 100, Beer Chugging and Matt LaFleur Stories
Wednesdays are for the Players on The ThomaHawk Show! Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins are joined by Green Bay Packers David Bakhtiari to talk birthday celebrations, beer chugging greatness and being voted the best lineman in football (17:50). Then, Joe and Hawk respond to your social media questions, tv show pitches and catch phrase ideas in our Pick 6 (40:41). Listen for all this and more on The ThomaHawk Show!
#85. Week 4 Recap: Baker Beef, Browns Best Baltimore, Mahomes Magic and 2014 Vibes | ThomaHawk
On today’s episode of The ThomaHawk Show, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins break down the Browns big road win (7:08), Rex Ryan beef (13:46) and OBJ’s lost earring (19:35). The guys talk hurdling (27:47), Gardner Minshew (34:26) and Patrick Mahomes (39:56), and debut a new segment called Run Pass Option, a game where Joe & Hawk decide which topics they want to hit on (33:06). All this and more on The ThomaHawk Show! earnest.com/thomahawkhttps://mybookie.ag/?affid=3943
#84. Dez Bryant on Antonio Brown, Jerry Jones and the NCAA | ThomaHawk
Wednesdays are for the Players on The ThomaHawk Show!!! Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins debut a new segment called Explain Joe Self, where they break down the ridiculous things they say on social media (4:32). Then, The X-Man Dez Bryant joins the show to talk NCAA (34:49) and mental health on and off the field (44:42). Listen for all this and more on The ThomaHawk Show! Listen, rate, review, subscribe, and follow @ThomaHawkShow on Twitter and IG! getbevel.com/thomahawk
#83. Week 3 Recap: Browns Get Rammed on SNF, Danny Dimes Debut, and Minshew Mania | ThomaHawk
Tough week for the Brownies, but don’t worry ThomaFlawk, Joe and Hawk are here for you! On this edition of The Thomahawk Show, the guys break down the Browns offensive woes (9:03), Daniel Jones’ “beginner’s luck” (30:13), and Gardner Minshew’s legendary mustache (31:48). Listen, rate, review, subscribe, and follow @ThomaHawkShow on Twitter and IG!
#83. CJ McCollum on Browns MNF Win, Odell's Watches and NBA Football Draft | ThomaHawk
On this edition of The ThomaHawk Show, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins break down the Browns big Monday night win (3:50). NBA star and Browns super-fan CJ McCollum joins the show and goes up against Joe and Hawk in a draft of NBA players they’d want on their football team (28:49). We also announce a special listener giveaway (42:38) and answer your social media questions (43:18). Listen, rate, review, subscribe, and follow @ThomaHawkShow on Twitter and IG!
#82. Week 2 Recap: Patriots Dominance, Freezing Cold Lamar Takes and sam Darnold Mono Conspiracy Theories | ThomaHawk
The Thomahawk Show is feeling dangerous in Week 2 (and it's not because we have mono). Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins discuss whether the Patriots could go undefeated again (6:30), Dolphins sympathy and the t-word (15:08), Lamar versus Kyler (26:58), Patrick Mahomes having another historic passing season (41:12), and a Browns MNF preview (1:07:43). Listen, rate, review, subscribe, and follow @ThomaHawkShow on Twitter and IG!
#81. Travis Kelce on trash talk, no-look passes, and his brother Jason in The Body Issue | ThomaHawk
On the edition of The ThomaHawk Show, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins break down the Monday Night Football doubleheader (2:40). The guys debuts a new segment called Pick 6, where they answer your questions from social media (6:52), and Chiefs' star tight end Travis Kelce calls the ThomaHawtline (36:10). Listen, rate, review, subscribe, and follow @ThomHawkShow on Twitter and IG!>
#80. Browns Group Therapy, Lamar Jackson Sets Records and AB Breaks the Internet (Week 1 Recap) | ThomaHawk
The NFL is back!!! This week on The ThomaHawk Show, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins debut a new Cleveland-centric segment called Dawg Check (8:40), hit the biggest stories in ThomaHeadlines (26:13), and bring back 2019 versions of Am I Trippin' (52:04) and 3 And Out (1:10:27). Listen, rate, review, subscribe, and follow @ThomHawkShow on Twitter and IG!
#79. 16 Burning Questions: Part 2 | ThomaHawk
This week on The ThomaHawk Show, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins answer part two of your 16 Burning Questions (7:28). Will there be an NFL team in London? Who will win the Super Bowl? What's the dumbest purchase an NFL player has ever made? The ThomaHawk Show has the answers! Plus, Cleveland Browns linebacker Christian Kirksy joins the show to discuss the upcoming season, being the longest tenured Browns player, and the origin of the Dawg Check (45:48). Listen, rate, review, subscribe, and follow @ThomHawkShow on Twitter!
#78. 16 Burning Questions (Because 73's Too Many) Part 1 | ThomaHawk
#ThomaFlawk!!! This week on The ThomaHawk Show, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins discuss Andrew Luck's shocking retirement (2:50) and talk to Joe's agent Peter Schaffer about representing Barry Sanders, Jacoby Brissett, and the greatest offensive lineman of all time Joe Thomas (13:02). Plus, we kick off our part 1 of our 16 Burning Questions, because 73 is too many (41:01). Listen, rate, review, subscribe, and follow @ThomHawkShow on Twitter!
#77. The Return of The ThomaHawk Show 2019 | ThomaHawk
The 2019 NFL season is upon us, which means ThomaHawk is back! Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins discuss the offseason and give a preview of what the #ThomaFlawk can expect this season (2:24). The guys also weigh in on the Browns' offense and talk NFL Top 100 rankings (18:30). Plus, listen to Joe's freezing cold take on Josh McCown (35:03). Listen, rate, review and subscribe @ThomHawkShow on Twitter!
#76. 2019 NFL Draft Recap | ThomaHawk
The 2019 NFL Draft is in the books! Hawk and Joe discuss Hawk's trip to Nashville, Kyler Murray at #1, Josh Rosen media outrage, Daniel Jones conspiracy theories, the Cleveland Browns draft grade, and both guys reveal their best under-the-radar draft prospects. Listen, rate, review and subscribe #ThomaFlock!
#75. The Cleveland Browns Win (The Off-Season)!!! | ThomaHawk
The ThomaHawk show is back and Joe is in Hollywood! He and Hawk meet up in Studio 6 at the Uninterrupted offices to discuss the Odell Beckham trade, Kareem Hunt, Antonio Brown, and much more! Plus, one of the guys gets a surprise Hall of Fame induction (and it's not the one you think). Listen, rate, and subscribe #ThomaFlock!
#74. Super Bowl Memories & Offseason Plans | ThomaHawk
On today's episode, the gang chats about ThomaHawk's amazing experience in Atlanta for SBLIII. Also, who deserves more credit for the Patriots success, Brady or Belichick? Plus, what does the squad have planned for the offseason? Listen to find out!
#73. Super Bowl Show Part 2 (Live from ATL!) | ThomaHawk
Joe, Hawk & Natty Ice are BACK with PART 2 of The ThomaHawk Show on Radio Row at Super Bowl in ATL! So many more awesome guests joined the squad. Until next time! PART 2 Guest List: Steve Smith Jr., Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, Micna Kimes, Adam Vinatieri, Taylor Rooks, Adam "Pacman" Jones, Amari Coope, Travis Kelce, Kareem Jackson & Terrelle Pryor.
#72. Super Bowl Show Part 1 | ThomaHawk
Joe, Hawk & Natty Ice are coming to you from Radio Row at Super Bowl in ATL! The squad has a jam packed TWO PART show with some awesome guests. Here's PART 1... Enjoy! PART 1 Guest List: Saquon Barkley, Andrea Kremer, Hannah Storm, Michael Irvin, Dak Prescott, Hines Ward, Mike Vick, Kurt Warner, Greg Olsen, & Mo Sanu.
#71. Frauds, Lawsuits & Voicemails | Thomahawk
On this episode, Joe & Hawk talk Saints fans wildin’ out in NOLA and Bob Sutton being fired in Kansas City. Plus, we answer all the burning questions you, the ThomaFlock, have for our squad.
#70. Conference Championship Madness | ThomaHawk
On this episode, The ThomaHawk squad gets right into the studio to record a recap episode of the crazy Sunday championship games. They talk Saints vs. Rams, Pats vs. Chiefs, Tom Brady's GOAT status and much more. Don't miss it!
#69. Joel Bitonio, Kyler Murray & White House Meals | ThomaHawk
On this episode, the guys discuss Kyler Murray's decision to declare for the NFL draft. Will it prove to be the right choice? They also talk the possibility of AB to the 49ers and Cam Newton sitting out for 2019. Plus, Browns lineman Joel Bitonio joins the show to talk Freddie Kitchens, the Browns season and the latest edition to his family.
#68. Divisional Round Recap and Marc Sessler | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys recap everything that happened in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. They're then joined by the NFL Network's Marc Sessler (27:45) to break down whether or not Philip Rivers is a Hall of Famer, and go over all of the Browns' latest coaching hires.
#67. Browns Breaking Coaching News & Jay Ajayi | ThomaHawk
On today's episode, the guys chat about the hirings of Kliff Kingsbury and Bruce Arians, then react to the breaking news of the Browns hiring Freddie Kitchens (7:53). Plus Eagles RB Jay Ajayi joins the show to break down the legend of Nick Foles (31:25).
#66. Wild Card Weekend and Our 1-Year Anniversary | ThomaHawk
On today’s show, the guys break down all the biggest storylines from Wild Card Weekend, including Cody Parkey’s big miss and Lamar Jackson’s struggles. Plus, we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of The ThomaHawk Show!
#65. Antonio Brown, Coaching Carousel and Mina Kimes | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys discuss the Antonio Brown situation in Pittsburgh, why so many coaches are being fired but no GMs and recap a fun 2018 Browns season. Then, ESPN's Mina Kimes joins the show to preview everything happening over Wild Card Weekend.
#64. Brady Quinn, Baker vs. Hue and CFB Playoffs | ThomaHawk
On this episode, Joe & Hawk talk Baker Mayfield’s continued shade toward Hue Jackson, Taylor Lewan vs Josh Norman and the latest in the MVP race. Plus, Brady Quinn joins to talk the college football playoff, Notre Dame, and much more!
#63. Happy ThomaHolidays featuring... NFD! | ThomaHawk
On this special edition of the ThomaHawk Show, Joe and Hawk feel the Christmas spirit and provide the gift fans have asked for all year: the return of No Face Dan a.k.a. NFD! Back home from his travels around the globe, NFD and the guys talk holiday traditions and have TWO Christmas-themed drafts. Happy holidays ThomaFlawk! Enjoy.
#62. PFT Commenter, Peterman & Piss Tests | ThomaHawk
On this episode, the guys dive right into the controversial 'random' drug tests that have been issued to Eric Reid (6:20) and we get the inside scoop on how those drug tests really go down. They also discuss Steve Wilks losing his job at the end of the season (26:12). Then, PMT's PFT Commenter joins the show to talk Browns, Nathan Peterman and so much more (31:10). Plus, did Nat finally win her coffee maker?
#61. Browns Playoff Dreams, Tom Brady is Old and Pat McAfee (Week 15 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys discuss the Browns short-lived playoff hopes and if we should start getting worried about Tom Brady and the Patriots. Plus, Pat McAfee joins the show (35:55) to play another rousing game of Am I Trippin? with us!
#60. John DeFilippo, Lamar Jackson and Mike Ryan | ThomaHawk
On today’s episode, producer of the Dan LeBatard Show and Browns superfan Mike Ryan joins the show to talk playoffs and the Browns upcoming coaching search. Plus, the guys discuss John DeFilippo’s firing in Minnesota.
#59. Browns, Bears and the Miami Miracle (Week 14 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today's episode, the guys talk Browns playoff hopes, whether to believe in the Chicago Bears and the Miami Miracle. Plus, it's another crowd-pleasing edition of Am I Trippin'?, including whether or not Patrick Mahomes is the best pure football thrower ever.
#58. RGIII, Mark Sanchez & Partying | ThomaHawk
On this episode, the one and only RGIII joins the ThomaHawk Show to talk about his decision to sign with Baltimore, Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. The guys also discuss the Redskins choices for QB, the Bills cutting Kelvin Benjamin and more. Plus, Hawk & Nat give us the inside scoop of what went down at Uninterrupted's holiday party and of course, play another edition of Ask Nat.
#57. Green Bay, Kareem Hunt and the Houston Texans (Week 13 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On todays episode, Aaron Nagler of Cheesehead TV hops on to talk the firing of Mike McCarthy in Green Bay and what’s next for the Packers. Plus, the guys talk Kareem Hunt, how good the Houston Texans actually are and so much more.
#56. Eric Ebron, League Drama & Leftovers | ThomaHawk
On this episode, the guys start off by discussing Blake Bortles getting benched for... Cody Kessler?! Then, Colts TE Eric Ebron joins the show to talk breaking records, Andrew Luck and recruiting Le'Veon Bell. Joe & Hawk also talk Lamar Jackson, Reuben Foster and Ben Roethlisberger Plus, did we all really grow up the same? And how long can you keep those Thanksgiving leftovers?
#55. Browns-Bengals, Pile-Ups and TD Celebrations (Week 12 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys break down all the drama from Browns-Bengals, debate whether fighting in full football gear is ever a good idea and chat best TD celebrations from the weekend. Plus, Hawk is tired of being shamed for being short, and what really goes on at the bottom of pile-ups?
#54. Denzel Ward & The Thanksgiving Draft | ThomaHawk
On this episode, Joe & Hawk talk coaching, media interview etiquette and DPOY. Then, was the Rams vs. Chiefs MNF game the greatest game of football ever played? Also, Browns' cornerback Denzel Ward joins the show to talk about his welcome to the NFL moment and shit-talking on the field. Plus, the ThomaHawk squad has a Thanksgiving Food Draft that you do not want to miss.
#53. Bears, Condoleeza Rice and Condiments (Week 11 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys debate whether the Bears defense is the best in the league, if Condoleezza Rice could actually coach the Browns and which condiment is the best condiment. Plus, we play another edition of Am I Trippin' and check in on Nat's love life.
#52. Melvin Ingram, Eric Weddle & Le'Veon's Decision | ThomaHawk
Joe & Hawk have two special guests on this episode of The ThomaHawk Show. First, Chargers' Melvin Ingram joins the guys to talk about his debut rap album and how he feels playing in LA. Then, Ravens' Eric Weddle joins the show and let's just say... get ready to laugh. Joe & Hawk also dive into Hue Jackson & the Bengals and their thoughts on Le'Veon Bell's decision to sit out for the season.
#51. ThomaHawk Weekend and Bruce Gradkowski (Week 10 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today’s show, the guys recap a huge ThomHawk weekend in Cleveland that led to a big Browns win against the Falcons. Plus, former QB Bruce Gradkowski joins the show to break down all the Week 10 action.
#50. Dez, Dak & Dating (Week 10 Preview) | ThomaHawk
On this episode, while Joe, Nat & Zirm wait for Hawk to finish his People magazine photoshoot, they talk about all things from dating apps to Dak Prescott. Once Hawk joins, they dive into the Dez Bryant signing, Bruce Arians' potential comeback and their matchups of the week. Plus, a Draft Kings league update and Ask Nat (with a bit of a twist).
#49. JaMarcus Russell, Rams and Parenting (Week 9 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys talk the LA Rams first loss of the season, if the Raiders have already quit on Jon Gruden and a wild story about former quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Plus, they touch on the Chiefs beatdown of the Browns, another dismal day for Nathan Peterman and call into question Nat's future parenting skills.
#48. Halloween Parties, Trade Deadline and Nathan Peterman (Week 9 Preview) | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys tell their best Halloween party stories, get spooked by the ghost of Nathan Peterman and pick the Week 9 matchup they can't wait to watch. Plus, they check in our Draft Kings league standings and play another rousing edition of Ask Nat.
#47. Hue & Haley FIRED! (Week 8 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys deep dive right into the breaking news of Hue Jackson & Todd Haley getting fired. Then, they discuss whether to buy or sell the Houston Texans, if firing a ref in the middle of the season is a good idea and if we're giving the Carolina Panthers enough love. Plus, should the Giants really consider trading OBJ?
#46. Top 20 WRs, Cooper Trade & Crying (Week 8 Preview) | ThomaHawk
On this episode, Joe & Hawk give their takes on Pat Shurmur's decision to go for two at the end of the game. Is Math that important? Then, they talk about the Amari Cooper trade and Joe gives us his list of the Top 20 wide receivers in the league. Plus, matchups of the week, ThomaLocks and ThomaHot Takes all on this episode ofTthe ThomaHawk Show.
#45. Beards, Browns and Burfict (Week 7 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys are officially jump off the Blake Bortles bandwagon and discuss the craziest thing they've ever done to get ready for an NFL game in light of Deshaun Watson's bus trip to Jacksonville. Plus, they unpack the Browns fourth overtime game of the season, if Patrick Mahomes can be the best QB of the decade and what's to be done with Vontaze Burfict.
#44. Tyler Lockett, QB Debate & Lots of Mtn Dew (Week 7 Preview) | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys choose between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers for a game-winning drive, then dial up Seattle Seahawk wide receiver Tyler Lockett to talk Earl Thomas, the team's hot streak and so much more. They also preview all the biggest matchups of Week 7, give their ThomaHot Takes for the weekend and #AskNat some hard hitting questions.
#43. Tired, Hungry and Hungover (Week 6 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today's show, the guys talk Joe Thomas' big weekend being honored in Cleveland (that he's still recovering from), the fall of the Jacksonville Jaguars and if the NFL has finally broken poor Nathan Peterman. Plus, they discuss if Todd Gurley is the best running back in the NFL and if we're finally getting the Kirk Cousins we've always truly wanted. They also take your questions from Reddit on a big Monday episode of the ThomaHawk Show!
#42. Luke McCown on Drew Brees & Lil Wayne Beef (Week 6 Preview) | ThomaHawk
On this episode, Joe & Hawk are back at it jumping right into a quick MNF recap. Then, recently retired Luke McCown joins the show. He dishes on being Drew Brees' back-up QB in New Orleans and tells some fun stories from his career. The guys talk Eli vs. Lil Wayne, pick their matchups and locks of the week and of course, another round of Ask Nat! Tune in now.
#41. Failing Kickers, OBJ's Comments & Browns Win (Week 5 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today's episode, the guys touch on the putrid state of kicking in the NFL, Odell Beckham Jr.'s interview with ESPN and who won the battle between Tyreek Hill and Jalen Ramsey. Plus, the Browns won another game, the Bengals might be Super Bowl contenders and we pick our ThomaHawk Studs of the Week!
#40. Young QBs, David Bakhtiari & More (Week 5 Preview) | ThomaHawk
On this episode, Joe & Hawk are coming in hot with their Thoma-Mock Draft of the best QB's under 25. The guys also welcome Packers' Pro-Bowl tackle, David Bakhtiari, to the show to discuss Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and more. Plus, matchups and locks of the week, hot takes and a fun edition of #AskNat. You don't want to miss this one!
#39. C'mon Refs! (Week 4 Recap) | ThomaHawk
On today’s episode of The ThomaHawk Show, the guys go three and out discussing the hottest topics coming out of a wild Week 4 in the NFL. Then, they bemoan a close loss for the Browns on the west coast, decide whether celebrating before you score a TD is a jerk move or not and pick their ThomaHawk Studs of the week.
#38. A Baker's Dozen Coming in Hot | ThomaHawk
On this episode, Joe & Hawk are back at it again looking at a preview of Week 4 around the NFL. They start by giving their game-by-game predictions for the rest of the Browns' season. Then, QB rankings, their matchups of the week and which games they can't wait to hate-watch. Plus, ThomaHawk stories and more!
#37. Browns Win (FINALLY!) + Week 3 Recap | ThomaHawk
On this Monday morning, Joe & Hawk are still celebrating their Brownies win from Thursday. The guys talk Baker Mayfield madness and what it felt like getting that W. Then, they dive into the ridiculous roughing-the-passer penalty that's been taking the league by force... how do you avoid it? Also, are Jimmy G. and the Niners done for season? Is Dak Prescott not who we thought he was? Joe & Hawk break it all down on this episode. You don't want to miss it.
#36. Nick Mangold, Ryan Fitzpatrick and a Week 3 Preview | ThomaHawk
On today's episode of The ThomaHawk Show, the guys preview the Browns big showdown with the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football, and former all-pro center Nick Mangold joins the show to give his prediction on when the magic will run out on his former teammate Ryan Fitzpatrick. Joe and Hawk also preview Week 3's slate of games, talk about the drama in Pittsburgh and discuss Josh Gordon landing in Foxborough.
#35. Week 2 Recap & Josh Gordon Insights | ThomaHawk
In the Week 2 recap edition of The ThomaHawk Show, the guys reflect on their time in the locker room with Josh Gordon after the Browns decided to part ways with the mercurial wide receiver. Joe and Hawk also get to the bottom of whether Ryan Fitzpatrick is actually the greatest QB in NFL history, if they'd ever considered retiring at halftime and how to feel after another soul-crushing Browns loss. Plus, the guys take fan questions, check in on their Draft Kings lineups and so much more.
#34. Hot Takes & Bold Predictions for Week 2 | ThomaHawk
On this ThomaHawk episode, the guys start off by discussing Sam Darnold's debut on Monday and how the Raiders are looking after their first game. Then, it's time to dive into Week 2 with lots of predictions including which coaches are in the hot seat and which fan bases should be feeling nervous after the first week. Plus, Hawk tells a story involving O-linemen in a hot tub and Joe recalls playing in the wild Black Hole... get ready to laugh.
#33. A Wild Week 1 in the NFL | ThomaHawk
On today’s ThomaHawk Show, the guys recap all of the craziness that went down in Week 1, including a miraculous performance from Aaron Rodgers and a tie between the Browns and Steelers. Plus, Joe talks about the strangeness of sitting on his couch for the NFL’s opening weekend for the first time in 12 years.
#32. Season Preview & Predictions ft. Lance Moore | ThomaHawk
On this episode, the guys dive right into the latest NFL topics with this weeks' guest, Lance Moore. They talk Le'Veon Bell drama, the Khalil mack trade and Jalen Ramsey's bold statements. Then, rapid fire rounds of predictions and hot takes for the 2018 season, as well as everyones' Week 1 picks. Plus, more fan Q&A!
#31. Hard Knocks Recap & Pat McAfee Joins the Show! | ThomaHawk
On today’s episode of The ThomaHawk Show, the guys talk all things Hard Knocks after the show wrapped up its season featuring the Cleveland Browns last night. Then, former NFL punter and current media free agent Pat McAfee joins the show to talk his split with Barstool, his beef with former Indianapolis Colts GM Ryan Grigson and participates in a “Kicker Draft” with the guys.
#30. New NFL Season, New Episode | ThomaHawk
The ThomaHawk Show finally returns from hiatus with a jam-packed episode! Hawk and Joe catch up on everything they’ve been up to this summer, from Hawk moving into a new home infested by ants to Joe’s extreme weight loss. Then, the guys hit on all the pressing topics you’ve been asking for their take on while they’ve been MIA. Was Jarvis Landry’s Hard Knocks speech legit or nah? Should Urban Meyer have been fired? Is Khalil Mack or Aaron Donald more important to their team? The guys are finally back, and this is an episode you can’t afford to miss.
#29. Baker Mayfield | ThomaHawk
Joe & Hawk are joined by the Cleveland Browns new franchise quarterback, Baker Mayfield. The #1 overall pick discusses his relationship with Tyrod Taylor, potentially being a backup his rookie year, Josh Gordon and his top 5 quarterbacks of all time. The guys also give insights on NFL minicamps and discuss Andrew Luck's return to the field. Plus, Joe & Browns CB Damarious Randall recap their ridiculous NBA Finals jersey tweets and ThomaHawk Q&A!
#28. Terry Francona, Francisco Lindor & ThomaHawk Day! | ThomaHawk
Joe & Hawk are live at the Cleveland Indians game for #ThomaHawk Day! The guys spend the day at the ballpark, attend batting practice, throw out the first pitch and have fun chats with Terry Francona, Francisco Lindor and Rajai Davis. Plus, stick around after the close for an outtakes of hilarious moments with Joe, Hawk and NFD throughout the day. It was the most amazing night in the history of baseball & podcasts... you don't want to miss this!
#27. Bold NFL Predictions & NBA Finals | ThomaHawk
It's only right that Joe & Hawk are back in Cleveland together for this episode to discuss LeBron & the Cavs making it to their 4th straight NBA Finals. The guys also make their bold 2018 NFL season predictions and talk Brady, Belichick and the Patriots. Plus, more #ThomaHawk Q&A!
#26. Hard Knocks & Fast Food Draft | ThomaHawk
On this episode, Joe & Hawk discuss being at Game 4 of the Cavs vs. Celtics series. Plus, their takes on the upcoming season of "Hard Knocks" starring the Browns, NFL OTA's and athletes that could excel in multiple sports. Lastly, a Fast Food draft and #ThomaHawk Q&A!
#25. Hawk's Hot Takes & Joe's Workout Tips | ThomaHawk
Joe & Hawk are back at it this week, diving deep into some current NFL topics. They discuss the legalization of sports betting, Hawk's hot take on Ben Roethlisberger, player suspensions, crazy workouts and more. Plus, #ThomaHawk Q&A is back!
#24. The Miz & Gary Barnidge | ThomaHawk
Joe & Hawk are joined by two very special guests on this week's episode. First up, Ohio's very own WWE star, The Miz, talks LeBron being the GOAT, parenting stories and wrestling insights. Then, Joe & Hawk's former teammate, Gary Barnidge, calls in to discuss his interesting eating habits, the Browns upcoming season and dating apps.
#23. Baker Mayfield advice & Disney Movie Draft | ThomaHawk
Joe & Hawk discuss how the Browns should handle their QB situation this season as Joe lends some advice to the #1 overall pick, Baker Mayfield. Then, reaction to NFL Network's Top 100 Players countdown. Plus, you do not want to miss the next ThomaHawk mock draft... Disney Movies! And as always, some more #ThomaHawk Q&A.
#22. NFL Draft Instant Reaction | ThomaHawk
In this special NFL Draft edition of The ThomaHawk show, Joe & Hawk analyze the Cleveland Browns draft class highlighted by Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward. The guys also discuss NFL Draft coverage as a whole, Ryan Shazier and Jason Witten's potential move to the "Monday Night Football" booth. Plus, NFD uses bonus questions from the NFL Reddit AMA for #ThomaHawk Q&A!
#21. Baker to Browns & Superhero Draft | ThomaHawk
Joe and Hawk are ready to kick off the 2018 NFL Draft! The guys start by discussing what they think the Browns should do with their draft picks. Then, Joe and Hawk do some mock drafts of their own... an NFL draft and a Superhero draft. Plus, draft day stories, interesting fan encounters and latest NFL news.
#20. Dez Bryant, NFL schedule & Young Star QBs | ThomaHawk
Joe & Hawk (although somewhat still on spring break) know that the ThomaHawk Show must go on! They're back for another episode, where they talk the latest in NFL news including Dez Bryant's release and James Harrison's retirement. Texas Tech head coach, Kliff Kingsbury, then joins the show to discuss 2003 Tom Brady and coaching young quarterbacks such as Johnny Manziel, Baker Mayfield, Patrick Mahomes and more. Plus, more #ThomaHawk Q&A!
#19. Auditions, Doppelgängers & Cam Jordan
Joe and NFD take on hosting the show while Hawk is still on spring break. Joe talks about that one time he threw out the first pitch at the Indians game and his latest broadcasting auditions. Then, New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl player, Cam Jordan, joins the show to discuss offseason activities and his rivalry with Cam Newton. Plus, more fan-favorite #ThomaHawk Q&A!
#18. Brandin Cooks trade & “Best Of”, sort of | ThomaHawk
Even with technology playing strong defense, the guys still drop quick reactions to the Brandin Cooks Los Angeles Rams trade and a "Best Of" ThomaHawk Show sizzle you don't want to miss!
#17. LeBron, Jim Brown & more on Joe's NFL Career | ThomaHawk
It’s the Joe’s Retirement Extravaganza we've all been waiting for. The guys reminisce on Joe’s incredible NFL career by reacting to tribute messages from fans, the Browns quarterbacks, media personalities and yes, LeBron James. Plus, Joe tells some of his greatest NFL stories and talks about what he’ll miss most about playing football. This episode is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and appreciate the great Cleveland legend, Joe Thomas.
#16. Cleveland Love & 'All-Joe' Teams | ThomaHawk
The guys discuss what Joe's been up to since announcing his retirement. From being congratulated by LeBron to Cleveland declaring July 3rd as 'Joe Thomas Day', it's been an exciting few days for the first offensive lineman in NFL history. The guys also draft their 'All-Joe' teams, react to recent NBA and NFL news and of course, more #ThomaHawk Q&A!
#15. Richard Sherman & Free Agency | ThomaHawk
Joe & Hawk welcome Richard Sherman to The ThomaHawk Show. Twitter beef? Joe & Sherm hash it out as the guys discuss Richard's decision to sign with his former team's rival, the San Francisco 49ers. Joe & Hawk also weigh in on all of the moves that happened in free agency. Plus, more #ThomaHawk Q&A!
#14. The Decision | ThomaHawk
The ThomaHawk episode we've all been waiting for is here. Listen in as Joe Thomas discusses the reasons behind his decision to retire following his illustrious NFL career. Joe also reveals his all-time favorite story with the Browns as Hawk and NFD try to talk him out of his decision #sadface
#13. Emergency Pod: Browns Trades! | ThomaHawk
In ThomaHawk's first ever emergency pod, Joe & Hawk react to the Cleveland Browns' trades this weekend. The guys share their thoughts on incoming players: Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry and Damarious Randall, as well as outgoing players: DeShone Kizer and Danny Shelton.
#12. Top Draft QBs, Saquon Barkley & Gradkowski | ThomaHawk
Joe & Hawk welcome 11-year NFL veteran Bruce Gradkowski to ThomaHawk HQ. The guys reminisce on their time playing together, including Bruce and Hawk being roomies at Toledo. Then, Bruce ranks his Top 5 Quarterbacks in the NFL Draft and the guys discuss Saquon Barkley's potential. Plus, on #ThomaHawk Q&A, find out who's the better dancer: Joe or Hawk?
#11. Johnny Manziel | ThomaHawk
After much anticipation, Joe and Hawk welcome Johnny Football to The ThomaHawk Show. The guys discuss Johnny's Browns career & Johnny reveals all on the infamous 'Billy Vegas' story.
#10. NFL Combine Stories & Life Outside of Football | ThomaHawk
This week, Joe & Hawk share NFL Combine stories and discuss what the future holds for Kirk Cousins. The guys also tackle more ThomaHawk Q&A! Find out what Joe & Hawk would’ve been doing with their life if they didn’t play football. Plus, listen to more Super Bowl interviews from Radio Row with Matt Forte, Melvin Ingram and Nick Mangold.
#9. Team Thoma vs. Team Hawk | ThomaHawk
The guys discuss big injuries and big contracts before revealing which NFL players are also good basketball players. Joe also remembers playing against a young LeBron James on the AAU circuit. Lastly, in honor of NBA All-Star Weekend, the guys draft five-a-side football teams. Listen in and let us know who wins: Team Thoma or Team Hawk?
#8. Eagles Win, National Signing Day and Q&A! | ThomaHawk
Joe and Hawk are back from Minny and ready to recap the Super Bowl. On this episode, the guys talk about the status of the Patriots after their loss last weekend. Then, in honor of National Signing Day, Joe recounts his Signing Day story from way back when.
#7. Super Bowl Show Part 3 | ThomaHawk
In the finale of the ThomaHawk Super Bowl trilogy, Joe and Hawk sit down with great guests live from Radio Row in Minnesota. Full guest list: RGIII, Busta Rhymes, Lance Moore, Patrick Peterson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Alex Mack, Josh McCown, Baker Mayfield, Marvin Jones.
#6. Super Bowl Show Part 2 | ThomaHawk
ThomaHawk is live from Minnesota as Joe and Hawk interview star NFL players from Radio Row. Guests include Travis Kelce, Gerald McCoy, Kyle Rudolph, Kareem Hunt and much more. Full video segments are available on UNINTERRUPTED’s YouTube channel.
#5. Alex Smith Trade & Super Bowl Stories | ThomaHawk
Joe and Hawk deep dive into the Chiefs and Redskins deal for Alex Smith and the fallout on the rest of the NFL. The guys also tell some of their best stories yet featuring names such as Diddy, Tim Tebow and Josh Gordon. Plus, will Joe give up his 10 Pro Bowl selections for 1 Super Bowl appearance and do the Eagles have a shot against Tom Brady’s Patriots?
#4. Pro Bowl, Lebron, & the XFL | ThomaHawk
On this episode, Joe recaps his week at ESPN and tells behind-the-scenes Pro Bowl stories. The guys also discuss coaching updates, the return of XFL and react to Richard Sherman’s tweet on Gronk’s concussion. Plus, NFL Playoffs reaction, LeBron James’ latest milestone and a #ThomaHawk Super Bowl announcement!
#3. NFL Playoffs Reaction and Q&A! | ThomaHawk
On this episode of The ThomaHawk Show, the guys discuss a little bit of everything. From the crazy divisional round playoff games, favorite sports movies, to more NFL coaching updates and the recent NBA locker room drama, Joe and Hawk cover it all.
#2. Patriots Insights and Comeback SZN | ThomaHawk
Joe and Hawk are back for the first time as they tackle the Patriots’ reported turmoil, coaching moves and comeback SZN in the NFL Playoffs and National Championship. Plus, VR workouts and Divisional Round picks as Hawk attempts a comeback of his own following an 0-4 Wild Card weekend.
#1. Once Teammates | ThomaHawk
Joe and Hawk discuss a wide range of NFL topics including dealing with losses, how much players flirt with other teams and more.
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