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A weekly podcast hosted by NFL veterans and former teammates, Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins. With a combined 10 Pro Bowl selections (Joe not Hawk) and a couple of obscure movie cameos (Hawk not Joe), this is your one-stop shop for NFL insights, pop culture takes and a touch of bromance.

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Episode 53


Melvin Ingram, Eric Weddle & Le'Veon's Decision


Joe & Hawk have two special guests on this episode of The ThomaHawk Show. First, Chargers' Melvin Ingram joins the guys to talk about his debut rap album and how he feels playing in LA. Then, Ravens' Eric Weddle joins the show and let's just say... get ready to laugh. Joe & Hawk also dive into Hue Jackson & the Bengals and their thoughts on Le'Veon Bell's decision to sit out for the season.


Episode 52


ThomaHawk Weekend and Bruce Gradkowski (Week 10 Recap)


On today’s show, the guys recap a huge ThomHawk weekend in Cleveland that led to a big Browns win against the Falcons. Plus, former QB Bruce Gradkowski joins the show to break down all the Week 10 action.


Episode 51


Dez, Dak & Dating (Week 10 Preview)


On this episode, while Joe, Nat & Zirm wait for Hawk to finish his People magazine photoshoot, they talk about all things from dating apps to Dak Prescott. Once Hawk joins, they dive into the Dez Bryant signing, Bruce Arians' potential comeback and their matchups of the week. Plus, a Draft Kings league update and Ask Nat (with a bit of a twist).


Episode 50


JaMarcus Russell, Rams and Parenting (Week 9 Recap)


On today's show, the guys talk the LA Rams first loss of the season, if the Raiders have already quit on Jon Gruden and a wild story about former quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Plus, they touch on the Chiefs beatdown of the Browns, another dismal day for Nathan Peterman and call into question Nat's future parenting skills.


Episode 49


Halloween Parties, Trade Deadline and Nathan Peterman (Week 9 Preview)


On today's show, the guys tell their best Halloween party stories, get spooked by the ghost of Nathan Peterman and pick the Week 9 matchup they can't wait to watch. Plus, they check in our Draft Kings league standings and play another rousing edition of Ask Nat.


Episode 48


Hue & Haley FIRED! (Week 8 Recap)


On today's show, the guys deep dive right into the breaking news of Hue Jackson & Todd Haley getting fired. Then, they discuss whether to buy or sell the Houston Texans, if firing a ref in the middle of the season is a good idea and if we're giving the Carolina Panthers enough love. Plus, should the Giants really consider trading OBJ?


Episode 47


Top 20 WRs, Cooper Trade & Crying (Week 8 Preview)


On this episode, Joe & Hawk give their takes on Pat Shurmur's decision to go for two at the end of the game. Is Math that important? Then, they talk about the Amari Cooper trade and Joe gives us his list of the Top 20 wide receivers in the league. Plus, matchups of the week, ThomaLocks and ThomaHot Takes all on this episode ofTthe ThomaHawk Show.


Episode 46


Beards, Browns and Burfict (Week 7 Recap)


On today's show, the guys are officially jump off the Blake Bortles bandwagon and discuss the craziest thing they've ever done to get ready for an NFL game in light of Deshaun Watson's bus trip to Jacksonville. Plus, they unpack the Browns fourth overtime game of the season, if Patrick Mahomes can be the best QB of the decade and what's to be done with Vontaze Burfict.


Episode 45


Tyler Lockett, QB Debate & Lots of Mtn Dew (Week 7 Preview)


On today's show, the guys choose between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers for a game-winning drive, then dial up Seattle Seahawk wide receiver Tyler Lockett to talk Earl Thomas, the team's hot streak and so much more. They also preview all the biggest matchups of Week 7, give their ThomaHot Takes for the weekend and #AskNat some hard hitting questions.


Episode 44


Tired, Hungry and Hungover (Week 6 Recap)


On today's show, the guys talk Joe Thomas' big weekend being honored in Cleveland (that he's still recovering from), the fall of the Jacksonville Jaguars and if the NFL has finally broken poor Nathan Peterman. Plus, they discuss if Todd Gurley is the best running back in the NFL and if we're finally getting the Kirk Cousins we've always truly wanted. They also take your questions from Reddit on a big Monday episode of the ThomaHawk Show!