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Rolling With The Champion

@CariChampion is joined in her Uber with NBA rookies and vets for unfiltered convos on music, culture and of course basketball.

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Rolling With The Champion | Chauncey Billups

While catching a ride with @CariChampion in her Uber, five-time NBA All-Star Chauncey Billups explains how the nickname “Mr. Big Shot” came about, how he survived living in several different cities during his career and his invaluable advice for rook...

Rolling With The Champion | Lonzo Ball

In the first installment of ROLLING WITH THE CHAMPION, @CariChampion is joined in her Uber by Lakers rookies Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma to talk new fame, rappers, and freestyling before getting them to their final destination.

Rolling With The Champion | DeAndre Jordan

During his Uber commute, Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan rides with Cari Champion to provide some in-game facial expression How-Tos, what it's like being one of the NBA's best dressed men, and insight on what it's like being on the "other ...

Rolling With The Champion | Paul Pierce

NBA veteran Paul Pierce hops in Cari Champion's Uber to reveal his thoughts on today's players, the King of the league, and the long-standing Celtics–Lakers rivalry.

Rolling With The Champion | LeBron James & Ke...

LeBron James and Kevin Durant join @CariChampion for the Uber ride of a lifetime in Akron, Ohio to discuss NBA All-Star Weekend 2018 goals, the pressures of being a top athlete, social injustice and the current climate in politics.