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Mr. Impossible

Follow Matt Liston as he fights for sports justice and engages the audience to help achieve the impossible.

  • Mr. Impossible
  • 12 Episodes
Mission 1, Ep. 1 | Wade or Butler

Two decades after Michael Jordan’s famous blind free-throw, sports activist Matt Liston sets out to find a basketball player both to recreate the historic moment, and to raise awareness for the visually-impaired.

Mission 1, Ep. 2 | Chasing Jimmy Butler

With Liston's mission being to bring awareness to the Chicago Lighthouse charity, will one of the Bulls’ biggest stars agree to make the gutsy move?

Mission 1, Ep. 3 | Desperation Shot

With time running out to complete the mission, Matt and his team hope for the best, but also come up with plan B in the name of the Chicago Lighthouse.

Mission 1, Ep. 4 | Shooting For All-Stars

In the final step of the mission, Matt chats with Anthony Davis, John Wall and Draymond Green at NBA All-Star Weekend 2017 in NOLA to see if they'll recreate Michael Jordan's famous eyes closed free-throw.

Mission 2, Ep. 3 | Game Time

Jeff Halpern comes through on his promise and makes his number 1 fan's dream come true.

Mission 2, Ep. 2 | Hunt For Halpern

Jeff Halpern isn't the easiest man to find, but the real question is whether or not Matt Liston's leads take him to Halpern or a dead end.

Mission 2, Ep. 1 | Blink Of An Eye

Can Matt Liston help hockey fan, Kelly Sherman make a decade-long dream come true?

Mission 3, Ep. 5 | A Giant Hero

Find out why Hunter Pence stepping up to the plate turned out to be a magical, healing moment for Melissa.

Mission 3, Ep. 4 | Call All-Stars

With time running out, Matt Liston attends the MLB All-Star game to find a player that can help Melissa's dreams come true.

Mission 3, Ep. 3 | Disneyland & Dodger Stadiu...

With access to the field at Dodger Stadium on a game day, Melissa decides if that game is the right time and way to memorialize her father.

Mission 3, Ep. 2 | Ashes, A Doctor, And The K...

As Melissa continues on her journey to find closure, legendary journalist Larry King steers her mission in the right direction.

Mission 3, Ep. 1 | True Blue

Melissa, a lifelong Dodgers fan bonded over baseball with her father who passed and now she has one wish — to spread his ashes at Dodgers Stadium.