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For the first time, Chris Bosh talks about rebuilding his life on and off the court and his expectations for the upcoming season.

  • Rebuilt
  • 6 Episodes

Chris Bosh’s love for basketball has been tested. He’s been broken down physically and mentally, but through it all, he says he’s been rebuilt.

Chris Bosh
Ep. 1 | Lost

Chris Bosh discusses losing the sport he loves, finding himself and his newfound passion for the game.

Chris Bosh
Ep. 2 | Renewal

For Chris Bosh it’s simple. He wants to return to playing basketball.

Chris Bosh
Ep. 3 | Defining Myself

What would you do, if you couldn't do what you love?

Chris Bosh
Ep. 4 | Crossroads

This week, the Miami Heat held media day sharing news about Chris’ future with the organization.

Chris Bosh
Ep. 5 Finale | Dreams

Looking ahead, Chris Bosh aims to do what he’s always done, which is to defy the odds.

Chris Bosh