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Near the home Dwyane Wade was raised in Robbins, Ill. is the United Center, a place where Wade’s childhood NBA dreams have now come full-circle. This fall, the three-time NBA champion returns to Chicago and the place where his love of basketball was born.
  • Flash3ack
  • 7 Episodes
Flash3ack | Ep.6 Fatherhood
Dwyane Wade's boys get buckets at their high school ball game as he, Gabrielle Union and Jimmy Butler cheer them on.
Flash3ack | Ep.5 Wade Holiday Mockumentary
Season’s Greetings from snowy Chicago and Dwyane, Gabrielle Union and the entire Wade family.
Flash3ack | Ep.4 Washington Park
The South Side of Chicago holds many memories for Dwyane Wade. There are some good and some bad, but Washington Park is where Wade’s love of basketball began.
Flash3ack Ep.3 | The Bet Extended Edition
The Director’s Cut of the wager that captured the world’s attention.
Flash3ack Ep.2 | Moments
For the first time, the face of the Miami Heat for 13 years makes his return to South Florida as a member of the Chicago Bulls.
Flash3ack Ep.1 | Homecoming
October 27th, 2016 – Three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade makes his Chicago debut after 13 seasons in Miami.
A week-to-week all-access look at Dwyane Wade’s life in the windy city where his NBA dreams were born.