FeatStephen Lambdin
Gold Rush

We follow Stephen Lambdin before, during, and after the Olympics.

  • Gold Rush
  • 8 Episodes
Ep. 1 | Prove Doubters Wrong

Meet Stephen Lambdin, the one guy you're going to want to root for in this year's Olympics.

Stephen Lambdin
Ep. 2 | The Achilles

Stephen details his recovery from a career-threatening ruptured Achilles tendon.

Stephen Lambdin
Ep. 3 | Navy SEALs

Stephen trained with Navy SEALs at 16 years old.

Stephen Lambdin
Ep. 4 | Olympic Debut

Stephen's first Olympics have been an eye-opening experience.

Stephen Lambdin
Ep. 5 | Breathe In

You've never seen anything like Stephen's pre-match breathing technique.

Stephen Lambdin
Ep. 6 | Chasing Gold

Stephen's gold medal dream was about more than himself.

Stephen Lambdin
Ep. 7 | The Match

Stephen reflects on his loss and looks ahead to his next move.

Stephen Lambdin
Ep. 8 | Reflection

Stephen ponders what goal to chase down next.

Stephen Lambdin