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LOVE IS: UNINTERRUPTED is about raising awareness; it’s about ending homophobic violence and bullying. It’s about empowering and educating allies of LGBTQIA+ youth of color. It’s about Nigel Shelby, who should still be here. It’s about the continued fight for liberation for the entire LGBTQIA+ community, as our liberation is all connected. 

Our Trans family is under attack. Hateful laws are being passed in multiple states; a discriminatory lie is being perpetuated that Trans folks are a danger to the future of sports. We’re here to start a new conversation to celebrate the honesty, joy and beauty Trans people bring into our world. UNINTERRUPTED, in partnership with Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird, are creating a new iteration of the original 2019 Love Is: UNINTERRUPTED hoodie, featuring a Black & Brown Trans Lives Remembrance Flag created by designer Greg Rose. This capsule of LOVE IS: UNINTERRUPTED is launching around Trans Week of Visibility and Action. The time for mass mobilization in defense of trans lives is now. Trans youth are under attack in states across the country. As efforts to criminalize trans bodies escalate, so must our resistance.





Help us fight for equal protection, equal respect and equal opportunity for Trans youth and people everywhere by supporting groups that do real work in the queer community.

"We are learning over and over that there is no neutral in this world. We can't sit quietly and let legislative action attack trans youth and strip away human rights - what's happening is deeply inhumane. Fighting this takes collective work and we all have to join the fight."

Sue Bird & Megan Rapinoe

About the Campaign

In 2019, UNINTERRUPTED came together with Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird, the creative directors behind the brand, to create Love Is: UNINTERRUPTED. LOVE IS: UNINTERRUPTED is our queer-led fashion and connection brand designed to educate and empower allies of LGBTQIA+ youth of color inspired by the life and tragic death of Nigel Shelby, a gay teenager who died by suicide due to homophobic bullying.

Every capsule gives back to a specific community, including the Layshia Clarendon Foundation, Two-Spirit Nation, TENT, Schuyler Bailar, Athlete Ally and Athletes for Impact.