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The Three Discoveries: Moses, MJ and Muggsy

The World of Five-Star

Howard Garfinkel created and popularized the term “Five-Star” when referring to basketball prospects. Garf changed the world of college basketball recruiting with his HSBI scouting report which college basketball coaches relied on to find transcendent talent in the northeast. On this episode of ‘The World of Five-Star Basketball,’ we learn the origin stories of Moses Malone, Muggsy Bogues, and a kid named Michael Jordan. Garfinkel’s camp was quickly becoming the stuff of legends.

The Three Discoveries: Moses, MJ and Muggsy

“One day in this camp, Michael Jordan exploded onto the scene and then from there it's nothing but history.”

About the series

UNINTERRUPTED x RTG Features have partnered up to tell the story of the legendary basketball camp called Five-Star in a six-part podcast series. Narrated by Tate Frazier, the basketball special will feature guest appearances from elite alumni like Roy Williams, Mike Krzyzewski, Metta World Peace, Grant Hill, Dick Vitale, God Shammgod, and more; detailing the camp’s influence on the game. It was where Michael Jordan was first discovered, and Founder Howard Garfinkel left his fingerprint on basketball.

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