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Season 1   Episode 24

Iman Amongst Men

Maverick Carter | Betting On Yourself

SpringHill Company’s own CEO, Maverick Carter, pulls up on Iman and Ahrii on this episode of Iman Amongst Men presented by Shea Moisture Men. The theme of this episode is “betting on yourself” –and Mav is talking calculated risks, how he got his nickname, balancing friendship and business with his bestfriend LeBron James, and morning meditation. Mav is all about taking risks, as long as you gather the information to make the best move. Check it out.

“From the beginning we were like ‘yo, this is a long journey. This is not a cash grab. We’re in this for a while.”

Maverick Carter

About the series

Iman Amongst Men is the show that takes an honest and unfiltered look at what it means to be a man in today’s world. Iman Shumpert and his brother Ahrii, spark a conversation on subjects men tend to keep to themselves. Money, mental health, fatherhood, relationships and everything in between is brought to the table here.