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Certified This or That

Certified Buckets

On this episode of Certified Buckets, Ashley, Lethal, and Kristian make up hypotheticals playing this or that, asking questions like, which team is most likely to make it back to the NBA finals? The trio discusses Julius Randall’s out of character reaction to being booed at home, and who will have a better second half of the season between Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. The crew also recounts their favorite trash talk moments and imagine which actor would play them in a TV series.

Certified This or That

“I think the East is a little bit better this year than the West."

Lethal Shooter

About the series

Season 2 of Certified Buckets features new hosts, Ashley Nicole Moss, Kristian Winfield, and Chris Matthews aka Lethal Shooter. This trio of basketball junkies make up your not-so-typical sports podcast, as they will also be covering the latest in cultural news and trending topics. And you know a new season of Certified Buckets means a new season of NBA guests and celebrity appearances.