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Season 4   Episode 5

Certified Handy Man (Ft. Phil Handy)

Certified Buckets

On this episode of Certified Buckets Ashley, Krisitan, and Lethal give the gritty Mavs their props for fighting in every game versus an op Suns team, while nut-checking James Harden and the 76ers for getting bullied without Embiid, and play GM to imagine a brighter future for the underachievers that is the Utah Jazz. Plus, legendary assistant coach Phil Handy joins the show to share some bts stories on Kyrie Irving, the 2016 NBA finals comeback, and how he brings the best out of the best players.

“After Game 2 I was really in a place where I just felt like Draymond, Klay, Steph were just clowning us […] I was just like ‘Nah man we can’t go out like this'.”

Phil Handy on 2016 Finals Cavs-Warriors matchup

About the series

Season 2 of Certified Buckets features new hosts, Ashley Nicole Moss, Kristian Winfield, and Chris Matthews aka Lethal Shooter. This trio of basketball junkies make up your not-so-typical sports podcast, as they will also be covering the latest in cultural news and trending topics. And you know a new season of Certified Buckets means a new season of NBA guests and celebrity appearances.


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