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Season 4   Episode 6

Certified Comeback Trail

Certified Buckets

On this episode of Certified Buckets Ashley, Lethal, and Kristian stutter-step on their playoff predictions, every team got their boxing gloves on and are ready to fight to the end, Jokic might’ve robbed Embiid for the MVP, and does Rudy Gobert stand a chance against a prime Shaq? Plus, Kendrick Lamar dropped a new video that got the streets going crazy before his album drop.

“If James Harden is playing the way he played in game 4, the Sixers are not pretenders.”

Kristian Winfield

About the series

Season 2 of Certified Buckets features new hosts, Ashley Nicole Moss, Kristian Winfield, and Chris Matthews aka Lethal Shooter. This trio of basketball junkies make up your not-so-typical sports podcast, as they will also be covering the latest in cultural news and trending topics. And you know a new season of Certified Buckets means a new season of NBA guests and celebrity appearances.


Certified Final Four

EP. 7

Certified Final Four

On this episode of Certified Buckets the crew is talking clutch shooters, Luka magic, Suns choking, and NBA players smoking weed.